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Born in Saint-Brieuc in 1965, Fabienne Juhel is a professor of modern letters in the Côtes-d’Armor region of Brittany. Her first novel, La Verticale de la lune, was published by Zulma in 2005. Her subsequent novels – Les bois dormants (2007), À l’angle du renard (2009) for which she won the Prix Ouest France/Etonnants Voyageurs, and Les hommes sirens (2011) – were published by Éditions du Rouergue.

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Les oubliés de la lande (The Forgotten Ones)

les oubliés

A place so isolated that no road leads there. A wild unmapped region. A black hole. Thirty inhabitants live in this village without a name — the forgotten ones of the heath. All have good reason to have taken refuge here. There are those who feared death. Those who couldn’t imagine living without the ones they loved. And others who came with less honourable intentions.

But the eternal tranquility of the heath will soon be disrupted. On the first day of summer, Tom, the community’s only child, makes a macabre discovery: the dead body of a stranger at the gates of the village. Is this another instance in a series of inexplicable events that he has recently discovered? Has someone awakened the village’s old demons?
In her fifth book, Fabienne Juhel capably leads the reader on an investigation, digging into the past of each of her characters to uncover their most dire, sinister secrets. A suspense novel, The Forgotten Ones offers a remarkable reflection on the purpose of life and the inexorable passage of time that gives meaning to each living moment.

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