Anne Cuneo

Anne Cuneo

Photo Credit: © Willi Spiller, CH 8001 Zurich

Anne Cuneo was born in Paris to Italian parents, and raised in Switzerland and in England. She is a writer, filmmaker and journalist, and holds a degree in literature from the University of Lausanne. Her career spans four decades and fifteen novels, as well as dozens of plays and scripts for theatre, TV and radio.

Originally published in French as Le trajet d’une rivière, her novel Tregian’s Ground was awarded the prestigious Prix des Libraires, which celebrates the best novel published in the Francophone world each year. It has sold over 120,000 copies across Europe.

 Praise for Anne Cuneo:

  • ‘It’s not always that a writer with an interesting life writes interesting fiction. In this case Anne and her equally talented translators have it sussed – this is totally engrossing . . . by the time we take our leave of Francis as he awaits my Lady Death we are breathless and amazed, not to mention chuffed, to have made his acquaintance. And the really good bit? Tregian’s Ground is another novel from & Other Stories, the publishing house that proves once again crowd funding knows a good thing when it sees it.’ Bookbag
  • ‘Cuneo handles the historical detail with a deft touch — it is sufficient but not excessive — and intersperses it well with vivacious dialogue and an authoritative, carefully researched knowledge of old London.’ Ben Paynter, LA Review of Books

More Information

  • Read more about Tregian’s Ground, ‘an unparalleled contribution to the Bildungsroman genre’ here.

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