Andrey Baldin

Andrey Baldin (Андрей Балдин) was born on 21 January 1958 in Moscow. An architect and a book designer, Baldin has published a number of non-fiction books, including Moscow. The City Painted in Proverbs (1997), Moscow Idle Days (2010) and Point Extended, […]

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Oleg Zaionchkovsky

Oleg Zaionchkovsky worked as an engineer in a rocket factory in the small town of Khotkovo until a recent move to Moscow.

Oleg Pavlov

Oleg Pavlov was only 24 years old when his first novel, Captain of the Steppe, was published, receiving praise not only from critics but from the jury for the Russian Booker Prize, which shortlisted the novel for the 1995 award.

Aleksey Slapovsky

Aleksey Slapovsky

Aleksey Slapovsky was born in 1957 in the region of Saratov, Russia. He started his literary career in the 80’s as a dramatist; his first significant work is called ‘Sincere Artist, Unwritten Novel’ (1990). He made his name with the novel ‘It’s Not Me’ (Russian title «Я НЕ Я») which was short-listed for the prestigious national Booker Prize.


Elena Chizhova

Elena Simonovna Chizhova, born in Leningrad in 1957, has established herself as one of Russia’s leading modern writers. Over the last decade, all her novels have received prestigious awards and recognition, culminating in the Russian Booker Prize 2009 for her latest work, A Time of Women.

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