Carlos de Oliveira

                Poet, novelist, journalist and translator, Carlos de Oliveira was born in 1921 to Portuguese parents living in Belém, Brazil. In 1923 the family moved back to Portugal to a small village near Cantanhede. […]

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Paulo Scott

Paulo Scott

Paulo Scott was born in 1966 in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, and grew up in a working class neighbourhood. At university, Scott was an active member of the student political movement and was also involved in Brazil’s re-democratisation process. […]


Dulce Maria Cardoso

  Dulce Maria Cardoso was born in Fonte Longa, Portugal in 1964, and was only six months old when her family moved to Luanda, Angola. There, she learned to read and write and in 1975 she became one of the […]

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Susana Moreira Marques

Susana Moreira Marques is a writer and journalist. She was born in Porto in 1976 and now lives in Lisbon, where she writes for Público and Jornal de Negócios. Between 2005 and 2010 Moreira Marques lived in London, working at […]


Alexandra Lucas Coelho

  Alexandra Lucas Coelho was born in Lisbon in December of 1967. After studying theatre, she graduated with a degree in Communication from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She worked in broadcasting for nearly ten years, including several years at Radio […]

Ondjaki portrait photo


Ondjaki was born in 1977 – two years after the country gained its independence from Portugal – and grew up in a country at war. Now living in Rio de Janeiro, he has over a dozen books published, including collections of poetry,children’s stories and novels.

Luandino Vieira photo

José Luandino Vieira

José Luandino Vieira is a central figure in the establishment of a distinctively Angolan literary movement. Born in Portugal in 1935, he grew up in Luanda, where his family lived in the poor suburbs, the musseques, in which so many of his short stories and novels are set. He was awarded, but declined for personal reasons, the Prémio Camões, the most prestigious international award for literature in the Portuguese language.

Agualusa portrait photo

José Eduardo Agualusa

José Eduardo Agualusa began his writing career as a poet and has since written some eighteen novels, four of which have been translated into English by Daniel Hahn, with The Book of Chameleons winning the 2007 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

souza leao 6

Rodrigo de Souza Leão

Rodrigo de Souza Leão was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1965 and died in a psychiatric clinic in Rio in 2008, shortly after his extraordinary autobiographical novel All Dogs are Blue was published. Due to his mental fragility, Rodrigo de Souza […]

José Cardoso Pires portrait

José Cardoso Pires

José Cardoso Pires is an author featured in the winter 2012 And Other Stories’ Portuguese reading group.

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