Fabienne Juhel

Born in Saint-Brieuc in 1965, Fabienne Juhel is a professor of modern letters in the Côtes-d’Armor region of Brittany. Her first novel, La Verticale de la lune, was published by Zulma in 2005. Her subsequent novels – Les bois dormants (2007), À l’angle du […]

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Linda Le

Linda Lê

I like words to be incandescent and books to be infernos – Linda Lê Relatively unknown to the general public yet critically highly-acclaimed, Linda Lê was born to a Vietnamese father and French mother in Dalat in 1963. Her family […]


Marius Daniel Popescu

The sacred is in everyday life, in the falling of a handkerchief …  It is strange to have to use words to say that they shouldn’t exist … Our language allows us to lie to ourselves, to run away from […]


Gabrielle Wittkop

I intend to die as I lived, a free man. – Gabrielle Wittkop Gabrielle Wittkop (née Menardeau) was born in Nantes in 1920. She taught herself to read by the age of four – “I got the feeling of absolute power” – and […]


Nicolas Bouyssi

One fine day a solar system which is no longer in motion was formed – no longer because its motion is settled. In order for it to go into motion again, there’s a need for something that demolishes. This is […]

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