Emmanuelle Pagano_head_credit Michel Roty

Emmanuelle Pagano

Born in 1969 in the Aveyron region of southern France, Emmanuelle Pagano studied fine art and the aesthetics of cinema. She now lives and works on the Ardèche plateau. She has written more than a dozen works of fiction, and […]

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Anne Cuneo

Anne Cuneo

Photo Credit: © Willi Spiller, CH 8001 Zurich Anne Cuneo was born in Paris to Italian parents, and raised in Switzerland and in England. She is a writer, filmmaker and journalist, and holds a degree in literature from the University of Lausanne. Her […]

Hubert haddad

Hubert Haddad

  Hubert Haddad was born in Tunis in 1947. He published his first collection of poems, Le Charnier déductif, in 1967. His first novel, Un rêve de glace, was published by Albin Michel in 1974, since when he has published […]

Valérie Mréjen

Valérie Mréjen

  Valérie Mréjen (b. Paris, 1969) is a writer and a performance and video artist, trained at France’s Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Arts. She was an honorary member of the experimental literary group Oulipo in 2001, and a Prix de Rome […]


Jérôme Nouhouaï

Jérôme Nouhouaï was born in 1973, in Abomey, Republic of Benin. He has taken part in the Caravane du livre, a project to promote reading in African schools, and currently works for a research institute in Benin. Nouhouaï has written […]

Jean M G

Jean-Marie Gourio

  Jean-Marie Gourio (b. 1956, Nérac, Lot-et-Garonne) is a novelist, humourist and screenwriter. His work was first published by the satirical magazine Hara-Kiri, where his column Brèves de comptoir – consisting of humorous quotes and anecdotes overheard in Parisian bars […]


Ingrid Thobois

  Novelist and traveller Ingrid Thobois was born in Rouen in 1980. Since 2000, she has taught French in Afghanistan, made several radio reports on Central Asia and Haiti, and taken part in development and election monitoring missions in Indonesia, Congo, […]



  Sérigne M’Baye Gueye, aka Disiz, was born in Amiens in 1978 but grew up on a high-rise estate in Evry, around 15 miles south east of Paris. Rapper, actor and author, Disiz has released eight albums since 2000 and […]


Marc Biancarelli

Marc Biancarelli, a high school teacher of the Corsican language, is also an accomplished writer in both French and Corsican. Biancarelli’s latest novel Murtoriu recounts the events leading up to the murder of the taciturn Mansuetu, one of the last Corsicans still […]


Jean Rolin

Traveller, acclaimed writer and grand reporteur, Jean Rolin (b. 1949) is one of France’s best-known writers, with a long backlist establishing his distinctive ‘Rolinian’ territory: ‘psychogeography,’ real-life journeying and self-mapping; a fictionalised blend of memoir and classic travel writing; ruthless […]

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