Our philosophy

We are a literary publishing house that works on the principle that great new books will be heard about and read thanks to the combined intelligence of a number of people: editors, readers, translators, critics, literary promoters and academics. We hope we can host such collaboration. See what people say about us on our About Us page.

Not-for-private-profit, open to you

And Other Stories has been set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC, pronounced ‘kick’ not ‘sick’). This means we are a not-for-private-profit company. What gives us a ‘CIC’? (Couldn’t resist!) We make our decisions based on what we think is good writing and a good way of working. This sets us apart from shareholder-driven publishing companies where all decisions are ultimately about increasing profits. Of course, in order to be able to continue our work in the long-term, we certainly can’t lose money. It also means:

  • our supporters can take part in determining the direction we go in
  • we are ecologically and ethically minded. We use Forestry Stewardship Council paper from a UK printer, the office’s electricity is from a renewable energy provider, Ecotricity, and we bank with an ethical bank, the Co-operative Bank.
  • profits will be re-invested in the work, allowing us to pay translators well, for example.
  • the company cannot be swallowed (bought) by a larger fish, if that fish’s objectives are commercial
  • it will promote a diverse literary culture, e.g. by supporting independent publishers, bookshops and literary events
  • it is a charter member of Equality in Publishing (EQUIP), which increases access to opportunities within the publishing industry

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