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Please drop us a line using the form below for most enquiries except submissions, subscriptions and publicity (contact emails below). We will reply as soon as we can. Unless you ask us not to, we may also add you to our mailing list for a monthly newsletter so you hear about what is coming up, incl. our authors’ and translators’ events.

Subscriptions Queries

Please email

Publicity Queries

Please email Justin Hargett for North American enquiries, or Nicci Praça at for enquiries from UK, Ireland & the rest of the world.

Work Experience Queries

Please email after looking at the description here

Author / Translator Submissions

We welcome unsolicited submissions from authors and are keen to consider debut writers. (We only consider unpublished writers who write in English. Writers in other languages must be published and achieve recognition in their own language before we consider their work for translation.) For a statement of our editorial vision, read our ’11 Commandments’.

We take a lot of time reading these submissions but cannot guarantee to reply to each author individually (although we normally will). We would ask you to familiarise yourself with us first by signing up to our newsletter – and why not subscribe too? You’ll get special first edition copies early, are thanked by name in the books, and can take part in our publishing choices in many ways.

Reading submissions is a weekend task for us. The week is taken up producing books and promoting them.

To sweeten our weekend work and display your interest in our work, we would kindly ask that if you send an unsolicited submission you include a receipt to prove the purchase of one of our books or let us know you are a subscriber.

We accept paper submissions only and answer most by letter. It would be best to send submissions to:


91 Tadros Court,

High Wycombe,

Bucks HP13 7GF


Please say why your book could fit our list in your covering letter. Include your email address, a small stamped addressed envelope if you live in the UK, about fifteen pages of the work and a proof of purchase or mention of your subscription (as explained above). We do not return submissions.

We try to respond within about three months. If we don’t accept your work, please don’t take it personally or ask for reasons. We’re a very small team and don’t have time to give individual feedback in each case – thanks for your understanding. It probably just wasn’t the right book to fit in with our list.

Open Door for Book Tips

We always have an open door to hear from you about books you think would be good for And Other Stories. If you like our kind of books, do get in touch with us directly by email or the contact form below.

Tip for Translators

If you are submitting as a translator, you will find useful tips in translator Ros Schwartz’s guidelines on submitting a book proposal. She has kindly given us permission to share it with you:

Ros Schwartz advice sheet to translators _ Getting into Print

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