Best of 2015 lists for And Other Stories books!

best of 2015 lists

It’s fantastic to see so many of our authors in the end of year lists. Congratulations to them!

Carlos Gamerro – The Adventure of the Busts of Eva Peron

World Literature Today 75 Notable Translations 2015

Yuri Herrera – Signs Preceding the End of the World

The Guardian Best Fiction of 2015: Justin Jordan calls it a ‘translated treasure’!

NBC Best Latino Books of 2015 ‘Herrera’s talent is extraordinary’.

San Francisco Chronicle Writers’ Favourite Books of 2015: Antonio Ruiz-Camacho, author of Barefoot Dog: Stories, names Signs one of his books of the year.

Times Literary Supplement Best Books of 2015: Lidija Haas says ‘Signs seems to create its own language, the better to conjure an utterly absorbing world that resembles ours only enough to make us see it in sharper relief.’

The Herald Kapka Kassabova’s Best of 2015: ‘The prose bewitches you as much as Makina’s predicament. The Hades-like border-crossing adventure of a young girl from a Mexican town . . . a cardinal myth for our times.’

World Literature Today 75 Notable Translations 2015

Flavorwire Best Independent Press Books of 2015: ‘One of 2015’s best works of translated fiction. Herrera’s novel comes with an emotionally shattering protagonist. It tells the story of her passage across the US-Mexico border, and how her own state changes as she changes states.’

Poetry Magazine Danniel Schoenbeek’s Reading List: ‘Yuri Hererra’s Signs Preceding the End of the World, recommended to me by friend and bookseller Jarrod Annis at Greenlight Bookstore, is the book I can’t get out of my head.’

Publishers Weekly Best Fiction of 2015: ‘Herrera’s nightmarish imagery . . . elevates this haunting story.’

Goodreads Best Fiction of 2015: Yuri Herrera’s English-language debut is nominated by so many readers that it makes their final selection (20 books) and while it doesn’t receive more votes than Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman, it does get far more votes than Jonathan Franzen’s Purity . . .

Three Percent Watercooler Books of 2015

Niyati Keni – Esperanza St

The Bookbag Best Fiction of 2015

Susana Moreira Marques – Now and at the Hour of Our Death

Leslie Jamison, author of The Empathy Exams, in the New York Times critics’ roundup, chose it as her Best Book:

‘This year I was internally rearranged by Now and at the Hour of Our Death, a piece of lyric reportage by a Portuguese journalist, Susana Moreira Marques. It’s an account of hospice care in a rural region of Portugal, but it’s also a long poem built of morphine and gauze and ragged breathing and roadside crosses. Its glimpses splintered into me and have not left.’

The Herald Kapka Kassabova’s Best of 2015: ‘An exquisitely measured meditation on how we die – which echoes how we live but not always in an obvious way; this implicit insight gives each chapter a quiet suspensefulness. Written as a series of psychological portraits, it brims with wisdom and the rich evocation of a forgotten European periphery.’

Green Apple Books Best of 2015 from bookseller Chris Ames: ‘Read it and feel alive.’

Angela Readman – Don’t Try This at Home

The Independent Max Liu’s Best Short Stories of 2015: ‘Fuses surrealism with feeling to explosive effect.’

Anakana Schofield – Martin John

The Herald Kirstin Innes’s Best of 2015: ‘An extraordinary, startling piece of writing. An experimental novel about a compulsive flasher (with an overbearing mam) on the London Underground might not sound like easiest of reads, but Schofield brings warmth and humanity to her characters, and the formal experiments she attempts within the text are always in service of their inner realities rather than ostentatious stylistic flourishes.’

National Post Best of 2015 (top 3!): ‘The funniest, and possibly darkest novel of the year.’

Globe and Mail Best of 2015:Experimental yet accessible, wildly funny and surprisingly touching, disturbing but sympathetic.’

CBC Best of 2015

Toronto Star Top 5 of 2015: ‘A novel that mirrors its protagonist’s obsessive and deviant behavior in its elastic prose.’

Ivan Vladislavić – The Folly

Irish Times Eileen Battersby’s Books of the Year 2015: ‘outrageously deadpan funny, stylish and prophetic.’

LitHub Best of 2015: ‘Perhaps my favorite book of the year . . . Rare is the dark fable built of such shimmering, perfect sentences’

Joanna Walsh – Vertigo

Flavorwire Best Independent Press Books of 2015: ‘Understated and measured – until what you’ve just read accumulates on its own in your mind – Walsh’s fiction achieves a perfect balance of experimentation and story. One of the English-language debuts of the year.’

Entropy Mag Best Fiction of 2015

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