Swimming Home published and reviewed

Deborah Levy’s Swimming Home was published on 6 October 2011 and has already been picked up by critics – all their reviews love it:

‘Deborah Levy’s storytelling is allusive, elliptical and disturbing. Her touch is gentle, often funny and always acute… This is a prizewinner.’ – Julia Pascal, The Independent

Swimming Home is as sharp as a wasp sting.’ Christina Petrie, Sunday Times (6 Nov 2011)

‘With her first novel in 15 years, Deborah Levy has taken worn structures and made something strange and new. The familiar elements in Swimming Home are a middle-class holiday, two families sharing a villa, and a stranger coming into their lives. The risk of cosy familiarity seems great – the usual conflicts, the expected twists – but the result is something spiky and unsettling … In this novel, home is elusive, safety is unlikely, and the reader closes the book both satisfied and unnerved.’ – John Self, The Guardian

‘A statement on the power of the unsaid. Magisterial … Themes, phrases and images recur in rhythmic cycles through this fugal novel. Levy’s cinematic clarity and momentum convey confusion with remarkable lucidity.’ Abigail Deutsch, TLS (21 Oct 2011)

Swimming Home is also delighting other reviewers, bloggers and tweeters such as Jennifer Lipman at the Jewish ChronicleOlivia HealRebecca Carter and London Review prize-winning reviewer Scott Morris at Cadaverine, who said ‘the novel unfolds with all the restrained, cool assurance of French nouvelle vague cinema, but this is tempered by an urgent optimism, an unashamedly compassionate portrayal of lives losing their way’.

Oh yes, and Tatler magazine’s November issue has ded Deborah Levy to be the coolest author around. (Page 92, right next to the big Merino wool ad.)

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